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Dedicated Internet Service

If your business depends on reliable Internet Service, has internet applications that use a lot of bandwidth or you use cloud based business critical applications accessed via the Internet, then Dedicated internet access is the ideal solution. With a range of speeds, the service provides faster, more reliable secure internet access than today’s business broadband services offer. It is an un-contended service which means you will receive all the bandwidth you are paying for, and the flexibility to increase bandwidth requirements quickly as your needs change.
Wide range of speeds ranging from fractional 1 Mbps
One-stop-shop for ordering, provisioning, billing and customer service
24x7x365 customer service
SLA guaranteeing delivery, restoration and service availability
Standard pricing with options for years of commitment 
Last mile connection options (Fiber Optic, Air-Fiber, Wireless)

Rack/Server Co-location

Co-Location is a type of service, EarthLink is providing over our Data Center in Iraq that, will provide our Customers with a space to locate their own network equipment, server and storage beside the ability to have fast reliable connection to our network or any other network with the minimum cost and complexity.‬ Moreover, business entities are identifying the advantages of co-locating their critical equipment within a data centre. Co-Location is becoming popular due to the time and cost savings which is realized by the company as result of using shared protected data centre infrastructure‬ ‪Co-Location is currently offered through EL data center where the customer chooses for rack or unit service‬.
‪Environment suitable for Network equipment and Servers
‪High physical security – Access Control, CCTV
‪Reliable multi-source power supply, with a generators and an UPS backup.‬
‪Security, and network specialist on site 24h 365 days.‬
‪SLA guarantees on building facilities availability.‬ 
‪High Speed Direct Internet Access is available.‬
‪Secure monitor Environment – Air Conditioning, fire detection/suppression, and water detection.‬


FTCOM ISP is proud to provide the a free hotspot wireless for public places such as restaurants and cafes. FTCOM ISP users are able to use the free service by entering there FTCOM ISP Account details in the login page, while other users can use the service for limited amount of time only by signing as a gust. For users who wish to use the hotspot service for more than the spesified time , they can buy Free FTCOM ISP Wifi scratch cards from the restaurant or the cafe that provide the service, and they are able to use it in any place that provide the service. For restaurants and cafe owners, EarthLink is happy to provide you with Wi­Fi equipment, free maintenance, and free internet connection. It’s easy to notice that young customers prefer to site and spend time in places with Free Wi­Fi, and FTCOM ISP will help you to get it.

  FTCOM ISP will provide business owner with equipment for free
Free Support, maintenance, and Internet connection
Free delivering Hotspot scratch cards.
Hotspot internet quality does not effected by the number of connected users.
FTCOM ISP users can use the service for unlimited and free
Other users can use the service free for 30 minutes
Users can use hotspot scratch card in any place that provide the service.


Virtual Private Server

Enterprise Class Virtual Server provides secure, high­throughput, enterprise level virtual computer/server. The service helps increase operational efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and offer greater financial benefits through consumption­based billing model. The service allows businesses of all sizes to virtualized computing resource (memory, network, storage) on demand. As a concept of virtualization, the service underpins the performance, availability and reliability of a wide variety of infrastructure managed services and application managed services built upon it.
Software base data­center architecture
Infrastructure, application and management service
Centralized control of administration, infrastructure management, Fault tolerance, business continuity and disaster recovery features
Reliable multi­source power supply, with a generators and an UPS backup.
On­site support technicians.
Security, and network specialist on site 24h 365 days.
SLA guarantees on building facilities availability.
Network connectivity through our network.
High Speed Direct Internet Access is available.



If you want to provide your business, employees, and customers with secure and reliable Internet connection to remote sites, then Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the service that you looking for. VPN allow a set of sites to communicate over public Internet network. EarthLink provide several VPN services based on your business needs. It’s provide layer 1 leased line, layer 2, and layer 3 VPN based on MPLS, through protected mesh network with optional last mile connection (wireless, Air-Fiber, or Fiber Optic). FTCOM ISP provide the VPN services on domestic scale that cover all Iraqi province,
Layer 1 VPN: Connection that use FTCOM ISP metro network to provide a private physical
MPLS Layer-2:VPN is a layer II VPN that deploys MPLS technology to connect the corporate with its branches. The service offers all the reliability and quality of MPLS along with the security of layer 2 communications, making it suitable for banks and security sensitive applications.
MPLS Layer-3 (IP-VPN).


Enterprise Storage Solutions

The world of digital content grows exponentially every day. From mobile devices to data centers, Connect + delivers the peace of mind that data is readily available and reliable, even in the most challenging environments. It’s all part of delivering on our mission to enrich people’s lives through digital storage anytime, anywhere.companies and consumers around the world have counted on our storage solutions in many areas, including: Data Center – Computing – Mobile – Consumer Electronics.

  • – Enterprise Backup & Recovery Solution
  • – Storage Consolidation
  • – SAN Storage
  • – Replication Solutions
  • – Email Archiving Solution
  • – Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution
  • – DRP & BCP Planning


Information Security Solutions

PConnect + offers a full range of information assurance and security services for our Federal Government, Global Public Sector and Commercial clients. We focus on the most complex security challenges: malware analysis, forensics, identity management, regulatory compliance and risk management.

      – UTM Solution (Unified Threat Management)

  • – Firewall Solution
  • – Intrusion Prevention System
  • – Perimeter Security
  • – Gateway Antivirus
  • – Content Filtering
  • – IPS / IDS
  • – Bandwidth Management
  • – Antivirus & Anti – X Solutions
  • – VPN Solutions
  • – Total Enterprise Protection



Unified Communication

Based on years of supporting data networks large and small, we discover your requirements and budget and assess your existing business phone system. We design IP phone systems on platforms from multiple vendors, ensuring the right fit for your organization.

    – Remote office Solution. (Cisco & Mitel)

  • – Telephony solution for Multi-branch environment